Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another week...

...another round of queries and submissions. Sent one query to FACES for their upcoming issue on PeaceKeepers. The query involved a long list of politicians and citizens interested in forming a Department of Peace in the United States. This cabinet-level department is the current focus of H.R. 808, but it started off with Dr. Benjamin Rush and his essay published in 1792.

I submitted a query to COBBLESTONE, another magazine in the Cobblestone Publishing group. That one focused on the first regiments of African American soldiers in the American Civil War for theie '1863: A Year in the Civil War' upcoming issue. A true tale of bravery and tragedy.

The next query went to Highlights for Children. I have been trying to interview Jacoby Ellsbury, outfielder for the Boston Red Sox, since he left Oregon State University for the Major Leagues. After contacting the Red Sox organization, I learned that I needed an "assignment" from a magazine to schedule the interview. The story of getting an interview is a story unto itself.

Jacoby Ellsbury

I sent an article to World Traveler about the central Oregon Coast, complete with salt spray and shrieking seagulls. Another article went to DesertUSA.com on California quail and the lessons I've learned from watching the birds in my backyard.

I submitted another bird article for my February 'Nature Happenings' in the Moab Happenings. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will celebrate Bald Eagle Day on February 7 and 14, 2010, but you have to "upstate" to see any large congregations of eagles. However, there are eagles around the Moab area as indicated by this sign in the Cisco Desert:

Eagles On Hwy

I also went fishing for some elk stories and may have landed a good one. I'm targeting Bugle for a telemetry project, but have to make a few more contacts before that story sees the "ink of day."

Of course, there is more. At least this might placate my family that I do work during the week. Even if they don't really believe writing is work. Fun, yes. Work, for sure.

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