Friday, January 29, 2010

Teaching Classes Through COCC

Red-tailed hawk
I will be teaching a couple of classes for the Central Oregon Community College's Continuing Education program starting this spring. The Beginning Birding class will focus on learning to identify the birds of Central Oregon. Selecting optics, backyard bird feeding, habitat associations and much, much more will be topics that we cover during the four week course.

Hiking in the Spring is another four week course that will embody the phrase, "the path is the goal." I'm the type of hiker that likes to investigate tracks or other sign of animals, birdwatch, smell the roses, and generally take in the environment as I walk. I'm less of a destination hiker, but this will be a "feets on" type of class. Again, we'll cover a variety of topics from choosing a pack to wilderness areas along the trails.

Prairie falcon featherI hope to use these classes to also generate some writing ideas. Of course, I don't need much of a push to take a hike.
I'm also thinking about developing a teen and young adult writing class, which could also be a fun endeavor. This class would be in the summer. "Write on!" my parental friends say.

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