Monday, April 12, 2010

A Natural History Writer's Vacation...

...almost sounds like an oxymoron. We go snorkeling and look at corals and reef fish, pull out the field guides, and talk about moorish idols and humu humus. Then sit on the beach and watch breaching humpback whales arc across the water. Everyone else around us is getting a tan, reading a mystery or sipping cool ones and not even aware of the whales. Me, I'm jotting down notes and figuring out some markets.

Hiking in Haleakala Crater is for fun, but out comes the camera for some non-family vacation photos. "You working?" the family asks. I refocus and get them in the picture.

Yeah, the thin line between vacations and work is marginal at best. Story ideas sneak up like sunburn and become just as evident. Plus, as my writer friend asked, how are you going to write off the trip without some work out of it? How, indeed.

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