Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birding at Freddies

You won't find the Fred Meyer's shopping plaza on any birding radar sites. Mostly asphalt and concrete, the few trees in the parking medians wouldn't qualify for any backyard habitat enhancement designation. I will admit that the house sparrows do thrive there, picking up food scraps or insects impaled on the front grills of some vehicles. They also like the structural design which accommodates their crammed-in-any-opening type of mentality.

So much to my chagrin, and delight, I was able to pick up a merlin streaking across the parking lot airspace in pursuit of prey. Hopefully, the house sparrows. I had plenty of time to retrieve my binoculars from the car and watch as the merlin made some repeated passes at prey, then shifted gears and slowed down for some good looks.

Next? I'm sure it will be the pinyon jays over by the big pondos in the outlet mall. Although I haven't seen them yet this year, I'll have to remember my binos next time I head to Blockbuster.

1 comment:

  1. Nice work on seeing the merlin at Freddies. Nothing too exciting up here though we did see both a cattle egret and a snowy egret at Pt. Lobos the other day.