Monday, January 2, 2012

Deschutes County Year 2012

Another year, another attempt. My Deschutes County Big Year got derailed in late summer due to family medical issues. I felt like a window struck bird - disoriented and dazed. Although I finished with a couple of new birds - long-eared owl as one of them - I didn't feel too strong at the end. So that one ends up in the slush pile.

Fortunately, a new year means a new list and a new attempt. Although I checked the back yard in the middle of the night for hooting great horneds, nothing. And if I had spent a moment searching the feeders in the morning, maybe the first bird of 2012 would have been the downy woodpecker on the suet feeder. Instead, by sight or sound, the first bird of 2012 was a dark-eyed junco. Nothing to rave about, a common backyard winter species and summer resident up in the mountains. However, you have to start somewhere...

A biologist from Mexico holds a prairie falcon for display.

So, I'm off again on another Deschutes County Big Year attempt. Part interest, part therapy, part work. Now, if the two snowy owls I've observed this winter would just cross some political boundaries, I'd be off to a great start. As it is I'm off to an OK start, nothing odd or unusual but did have a prairie falcon fly by on the afternoon dog walk. At least I'm out looking at the birds and appreciating the simple things in life.

Species count as of January 2, 2012: 39.

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