Thursday, January 5, 2012

National Bird Day - January 5

Today, January 5, marks the 10th anniversary of National Bird Day. This day focuses on wild and free birds, as well as captured native birds from other countries that form the international captive bird trade and issues surrounding those birds.

Born Free USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting protection and survival of  birds and wildlife, and sponsor of National Bird Day. Their intent is to highlight the beauty of birds and the role they play in our lives, whether we are birders, artists, wildlife enthusiasts, or just individuals that appreciate wild animals, as well as serve as voices for education or legislation to protect animals.

So spend a little time today observing birds or helping to enhance their habitat or protection. Although these winged wonders have sweet songs, sometimes they and other wildlife species need assistance in getting their voices heard.

And don't forget that January 7 is "I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day." Another great day to let go.

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