Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Klamath Basin - February 2012

Spent portions of the last two weeks down in the Klamath Basin where the birding was great. Helped out on the Winter Wings Festival and heard 23 owls during the Owl Prowl up at Klamath Marsh.

The second week involved a field trip with the Central Oregon Community College's Continuing Learning program. We birded around Klamath Falls and the lower refuges for two days. Highlights included two common redpolls at the Winema Lodge, nesting great horned owls at the refuge visitor center, sandhill cranes and greater yellowlegs at Lower Klamath Lake, yellow-headed blackbirds near Tule Lake, and over 60 black-crowned night herons along the Link River. Of course, the abundant waterfowl was amazing!

Although the weather was beautiful, the open water areas allowed the waterfowl to disperse. A little more ice would have congregated them and made viewing easier. Still, with a scope the birds were easy to look at.

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