Friday, December 28, 2012

Birding Bend

Four days before the New Year starts, I'm gearing up for another year of birding here in Bend. I've moved my office into the living room for a better view of the backyard feeders. With my Nikon Monarchs nearby, I can scan the feeders, fences and trees for feathered visitors. Plus, I can keep an eye on the backyard chickens should one of those visitors be looking for a meal other than seed or suet.

This morning's list of visitors includes:
house finches galore
dark-eyed juncos
western scrub-jays
mourning doves
mountain chickadees
California quail
song sparrow
spotted towhee
red-breasted nuthatch
pygmy nuthatch

Flocks of red crossbills have been circling the home, but not coming down to the feeders.

On the morning dog walk around the Mountain View subdivision we saw a hermit's thrush, varied thrush, Townsend's solitaire, American robin, and more chickadees. A fairly nice start to the day.

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