Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Rambling on a Winter's Day

Fresh snow, blue skies, clouds on the distant horizon. Another winter day here in Central Oregon - but lovin' it.

The feeders are full of house finches and a couple lesser goldfinches, scrub and Steller's jays, mourning doves, dark-eyed juncos, and some pine siskins. Still trying to lure the evening grosbeaks and red crossbills down for a treat. Mountain chickadees and both pygmy and red-breasted nuthatches are working over the ponderosa cones. Nice view from my office window.

However, the real gist of today's post is freeing pets caught in snares or traps. Although I don't support trapping, I realize it is a legal activity here in Oregon. This post is more a focus on freeing a dog caught in a trap, something I had to do once with our dog Jessie when she was caught in a leg-hold trap.

I've provided a link to a Pet Owners pdf from a Nova Scotia wildlife agency's site. It has some good photographs and steps to freeing a pet from different traps. A solid pair of wire cutters in your pack is a good idea.

OK, back to looking at the birds...

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