Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Birding Bend - 2013

January 1

Another year, another attempt. Another start at a Deschutes County Year. Easy to begin, tough to finish.

First bird of the year? A song sparrow in the back yard. Just beat out the dark-eyed juncos that started calling the second after the sparrow made itself known.

So from there, the day began with a dog walk through the neighborhood. Cold and clear, with a dark band of clouds on the low horizon. Bird three was an adult bald eagle, gliding towards the east at roof top level.

Cooper's hawk
The house sparrows and house finches found in their normal location on Woodside North. Western scrub-jays, red-breasted nuthatches and mountain chickadees calling and flitting across the road. Down at the intersection, an immature northern goshawk perched in some bare aspens. White supercillium line, heavily barred belly, long tail, large size. At least a nice start...

Later on in the day, a walk along the Canal trail down by Blakely Park. Reports of Harris's sparrows draws me to the point, but no such luck. More on how these sparrows have been my nemesis for the past two years at another point. More house sparrows and finches, but a lone red-breasted sapsucker drilling holes in a large ponderosa, a solo Cooper's hawk out looking for lunch, a red-tailed hawk navigating through thick limbs and past long needles.

All in all, a good start to 2013. Stay tuned...

Here's the day's list:
Canada goose
California quail
Bald eagle
Sharp-shinned hawk
Cooper's hawk
Northern goshawk
Red-tailed hawk
Eurasian collared-dove
Mourning dove
Red-breasted sapsucker
Downy woodpecker
Northern flicker
Western scrub-jay
Common raven
Mountain chickadee
Red-breasted nuthatch
Townsend's solitaire
American Robin
Varied thrush
Spotted towhee
Song sparrow
Dark-eyed junco
House finch
Red crossbill
House sparrow

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