Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birding Bend

Checked out a burn from 2012 on the China Hat road today. I don't know the name of this burn, but it is younger than the 2003 Skeleton Fire. The fire didn't burn a large area, but torched most of the shrubbery and the pondos in the area. Of course, this attracts the woodpeckers and they were out there today.

I counted at least 35 hairy woodpeckers. Some trees have 4 or 5 birds pounding away. I also saw 2 white-headed woodpeckers - beautiful birds and with distinctive calls. A few mountain chickadees and a lone white-breasted nuthatch rounded out the group.

Though I didn't see the diversity that had been reported, this area near my home will get visited again.

Species to date: 55

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