Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hiking the Old Cascades

The Western or Old Cascades have been worn down by the forces of erosion. Once the mighty peaks along the Cascade spine, these peaks are now remnants of their former selves. Just because time and glaciers and weathering and roots have reduced these peaks, most of them still offer some great hiking opportunities and vistas from their summits.

The peaks bear names like Browder Ridge, Iron Mountain, The Pyramids, Crescent Mountain, Coffin Mountain, Scar Mountain, Trapper Butte. They are numerous, high points seen in the distant haze or solid beneath your feet. Some have connecting trails, others are solo jaunts into old growth haunts. They are popular and some are unknown except to the elk and deer and gray jays that filter through their forests.

I've done many hikes across their flanks and up their summits this summer and hope to do more this fall. They beckon and I can only respond. I'm sure they have secrets never whispered, but I hope to have the opportunity to be there when they speak.
The hike up to the summit of Iron Mt

Looking north from Crescent Mountain along the spine of the Old Cascades with The Pyramids, Coffin Mountain and Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Adams in the distance.

Crescent Lake from the summit of Crescent Mt

From Middle Pyramid looking south towards Cone Peak and Iron Mt