Monday, December 16, 2013

National Poinsettia Day was December 12 and celebrates the industry and the man Joel Robert Poinsett who is credited with bringing the plant home from Mexico. Named after him, the Poinsettia is an interesting plant and a fixture of the Christmas holiday season.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Snowshoeing Edison Sno-Park

December 10, 2013  Our small group navigated the Long Loop trail from the Edison Sno-Park through the woods and over the lava flows to the Edison Shelter before returning via a ski trail back to the sno-park. Thin coverage and lots of blowdown were the prime reasons to avoid the snowshoe trail on the return trip from the shelter.

Though the area is gorgeous with mammoth ponderosa and interesting lavascapes, the conditions are marginal, for snowshoeing, at this point in time. Recommendation: go higher up the Cascade Lakes Highway and look for deeper snow at the Swampy Sno-Park or Dutchman Flat Sno-Park. And keep the legs moving for the Pray for Snow boogie!