Monday, February 24, 2014

Todd Lake journal 2/24/14

The snowshoe trail to Todd Lake from the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center was in good condition today. Some 6' of snow covered the ground; however, the light rain was mixing up a batch of "Cascade concrete." Huge snow plops felled from overweight limbs and you could feel the snow settle with the new moisture.

Low clouds obscured any of the peaks and, at times, limited the visibility along the trail.

No worries. The well marked trail provided plenty of visual clues and the packed surface was easy to follow. Conditions should be favorable for awhile; lower elevation sites may not fair so well.

Not much wildlife to report, other than some very fresh porcupine tracks. The waddle tracks descended some small hills and crossed up others. Some fresh tracks were well preserved in the snow to the point that I could see the heel pads and the long toe nails. 

Some red crossbills, Clark's nutcrackers, mountain chickadees, Steller's jays and gray jays were present. 

Just another fine outing in the Central Oregon Cascades!