Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wildflowers along the Metolius River

Although not a spectacular showing of wildflowers along the Metolius River, there is a nice diversity of plants in flower at this time.

Near the Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery there are cow parsnip, white bog orchids and self-heal blooming near the overflow pond and nearby edge of the river. A little farther downstream, you'll see scarlet gilia, triangular-leaf senecio, corn lily and a velvety lupine.

On the east bank of the river, also near Wizard Falls, there are tiger lilies, Indian paintbrush, western starflower, western polemonium and red columbines.

The balsamroot are better up near the headwaters of the river, but seem to be on the downhill side of their peak.

Still, on my last outing there on Friday, June 13, there were over 30 species of plants in bloom. In addition to the flowers, there was a pair of bald eagles hanging around the overflow pond. I think one of them took a young raven or crow; one of the eagles took the bird near the pond but I didn't have a great look at its prey.

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