Monday, February 16, 2015

The Great Backyard Bird Count has come and gone, but I have some incredible images from the weekend spent in Klamath Falls at the Winter Wings Festival. Great gray owls hooting in the darkness and locating them in the daylight. A barrage of great horned owl calls; three pairs at one location. Roosting black-crowned night herons watching over the Link River. Western bluebirds perched against the clown-white bark of mature aspens. Thick V's of Tundra swans flying overhead illuminated by the setting sun. The high whistled calls of bald eagles as they pair bond.

The festival tracks bird sightings for the weekend and enters them into the eBird database during this GBBC time. Check out the observations on the website, Better yet, schedule yourself to visit the Klamath Basin next year during the festival!